Leadership Team

Mike Dibbens

Mike is our Senior Leader. At 18 years old Mike experienced a dramatic salvation in 2000. He's completed the School of Ministry at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and spent time at Bethel in Redding, California. He has a BA (Hons) degree in Biblical and Applied Theology and a Masters Degree in Leadership. After helping grow ANCF church in Edinburgh for two years, Mike was called to Malvern to lead what he calls a 'revival project'. Mike is a dynamic leader, thinker and speaker whose passion is to see the UK Church arise in supernatural power, empowering leadership and love. Mike's an avid Spurs fan who loves reading and drinking tea. He's married to Victoria, and they have a son; Elijah, 3, and daughter; Felicity, 1.

Dave Alban

Dave is our Associate Leader. He was born in 1961 in Newton-Le-Willows. Dave has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering and is a Director of M and W Electrics. Dave helped plant and lead a successful church in Newton Le-Willows for 14 years before moving to Malvern, eventually joining Eden in 2012. Dave has a kingdom heart based within the context of being submitted and accountable to a local church. He is a positive and passionate leader and speaker who helps Mike in the outworking of the vision. He is married to Bridget and they have three adult children; Lucy, Tim and Debbie and a grandson; Eddy. He loves sport and supports Liverpool (boo).

Libby Coyle

Libby is our Assistant Leader. She has lived her whole life in the Malvern Hills. She grew up in a christian household but became a true follower of Jesus in her late teens. She is an exceptional leader whose passion is to see an authentic church reach the lost in a way that loves people to life by displaying God's grace, mercy and love to them. She is a brilliant communicator to both adults and children. She oversees our kids ministry and is an integral leader and culture setter within the fellowship. She is married to Dan and they have four children; Ethan 17, Callum 14, Jesse 12 and JoJo 6. Oh, and a dog called 'Blue', even though he is a black labrador.

She loves family, fun and fellowshiping with friends.

Mike Higley

Mike was born in 1947. He has a post graduate degree in school organisation and management. He w a french teacher and head of year in secondary schools, after which was a very popular team manager for Worcestershire County Council. He served MPC (as it was then called) as an elder since the early nineties and was appointed Eden's Pastoral Leader in 2011. Mike has a wonderful heart to see Eden grow into its purpose of revival whilst providing excellent pastoral support to our family. Mike enjoys playing the piano, reading and long walks in the countryside. Mike is married to Audrey and they have three married children, Peter and twins David and Catherine. They also have nine grandchildren.

Significant Other Leaders and Speakers

Bridget Alban
Ian Forrester
Victoria Dibbens
Lucy Dudley
Geoff Plumstead

Bridget is a wonderful soul. Her prophetic ability and heart for the church is an incredible blessing. She oversees our engage areas, running our connect team and all that entails. She is married to Dave above and loves her family to the moon and back.

Ian is a rock to the fellowship as an elder and support, particularly to Mike our senior leader. He works as a Quantity Surveyor for Worcestershire City Council. He has a heart for revival and is a popular and respected figure in the town, known for his wisdom and kingdom heart.

Victoria holds a first class Masters degree in Dietetics. She is still practicing on occassion but gave up her career to serve and lead the church. She does this as a brilliant PA to Mike, acting predominantly as a pastor and oversight and by raising their two children; Elijah, 5 and Felicity, 2. She is passionate about church being loving and reaching and restoring the broken.

Lucy has lived in Malvern since her early teenage years. She is a very passionate leader and speaker who desires excellence in everything that she does. Partly because of that such she runs our events team. She is married to the lovely Russ, another key member of our Eden team here, and they have a cool son; Eddie, 2.

Geoff is married to Rachel and they have lived in Malvern most of their lives. Geoff is a tech specialist who works for a large international company. He is incredibly witty, encouraging and is a wonderfully honest, humorous and authentic speaker and key servant heart here at Eden.

Dr Glenn Balfour
Peter and Heather Jackson
Dr John Andrews
Drs Paul and
Carol Alexander

Glenn is the interim principal of Mattersey Hall Bible College, UK. He is not only an outstanding Bible Teacher, he is also an astutely spiritual mind with a strong prophetic edge. He is a great friend, advisor and encourager to the church. He regularly visits to speak.

Peter and Heather were at the heart of the revival in Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (Now Catch the Fire). Their hearts are to see us be made whole and fulfil our revival potential. Their teaching is revolutionary. They are great friends to the church and key advisors to us.

John is an international speaker who has successfully led and grown churches for over thirty years. His is the author of numerous books and has been the principal of Mattersey Bible College. He is an incredible preacher.

Paul and Carol are the Principals of Trinity Bible College, USA. They are outstanding preachers with a missional heart running through everything they do. They are great friends to the church and speak into the life of us and our leaders as dear friends.


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