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We are a charismatic family church of all ages. Under the new Leadership of Mike Dibbens, we repurposed the church in 2010. God's been so good to us; We have grown and become a very healthy family and even built our new home, the Eden centre, which opened in 2015. However, all those things are excellent and we praise God for them, but if our new facility and growth doesn't facilitate our vision and we as a people don't live out our God given purpose, all that will have been largely pointless. We have never been healthier than we are right now so it's a great time for you to belong to this fresh and innovative work where you can be fully known and loved and where you will be equipped and be empowered to make a difference.


For revival to come and stay, we need to be a place of both Word and Spirit; a home that is organised to be organic. After all, the more you practice, the easier it is to be spontaneous and free, responding to God. Therefore we are passionate about giving God our best and being a healthy family and transformative organisation. Our God given plan is thorough but simple. In short it is a process of discipleship; We Embrace our Community, Equip Our Committed and Empower our Core.


Our God given vision is revival; Raising a family to bring Heaven to Earth. In the 11th Century, Malvern was created as a Christian community. God has called us to bring that original mandate into fruition. Therefore, we are Heaven-bent on transforming Malvern with God's supernatural love.

To reach the people no one else is reaching, we have to do things no one else is doing. Therefore, although God's asked us to be focussed and designed to reach the least reached people in Malvern; young families. In order to achieve that we need all ages to be wise parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents to partner with us to disciple and invest in them.


Our God given Culture is how we need to behave in order to help see revival come about. We haven't included obvious or basic things which every church should have ingrained within their dna, like integrity, being Bible believing and having a passion for Jesus for example. No, our cultural values are idiosyncratic and individual to us. They define us and we make every decision with them in mind. We live and die and hire and fire by these guiding values of Eden. It's safe to say;


We're OBSESSED with Creating a Healthy Church Through Our 5 Values;


Our Teams


Oversee and Direct the Implementation of the Vision, Culture and Strategy of Eden


Direct the Ministry Areas of Church Life


Manage the Ministries of Eden


Our Home Grown Speakers and International Guests are Responsible for Equipping

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Mike and Victoria Dibbens
Senior Leader
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Dave Alban
Associate Leader
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Mike Higley
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At 18 Mike experienced a dramatic salvation. In 2004 He completed the School of Ministry at Toronto and spent time at Bethel in California. He has a BA (Hons) degree in Biblical and Applied Theology and a Masters Degree in Leadership. After helping grow ANCF church in Edinburgh for two years, Mike was called to Malvern to lead what he calls a 'revival project'. Mike is a dynamic leader, thinker and speaker whose passion is to see the UK Church arise in supernatural power, empowering leadership and love. Mike's an avid Spurs fan who loves reading and drinking tea, but most of all loves spending time with his wife Victoria and their two children, Elijah, 6 and Felicity, 3.

Victoria has known God her entire life. She has a strong prophetic and discernment gift combined with a soft heart for the broken. She longs to see the authentic Church arise and has a passionate heart for grace and justice to flow from and to God's people across the world.

She holds a first class Masters degree in Dietetics from Nottingham University and practiced for a decade in the NHS. She is still practicing on occasion but gave up her career to serve and lead the church. She loves spending time with her husband Mike and raising their two children; Elijah, 6 and Felicity, 3.

Dave is our Associate Leader. He was born in 1961 in Newton-Le-Willows. Dave has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering and is a Director of M and W Electrics. Dave helped plant and lead a successful church in Newton Le-Willows for 14 years before moving to Malvern, eventually joining Eden in 2012. Dave has a kingdom heart based within the context of being submitted and accountable to a local church. He is a positive and passionate leader and speaker who plays a key role in the outworking of the vision. He is married to Bridget and they have three adult children; Lucy, Tim and Debbie and two grandsons; Eddy and George. He loves sport and supports Liverpool (boo).

Mike was born in 1947. He has a post graduate degree in school organisation and management. He w a french teacher and head of year in secondary schools, after which was a very popular team manager for Worcestershire County Council. He served MPC (as it was then called) as an elder since the early nineties and was appointed Eden's Pastoral Leader in 2011. Mike has a wonderful heart to see Eden grow into its purpose of revival whilst providing excellent pastoral support to our family. Mike enjoys playing the piano, reading and long walks in the countryside. Mike is married to Audrey and they have three married children, Peter and twins David and Catherine. They also have nine grandchildren and a great grandchild.

Dr Glenn Balfour
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Dr Paul and Dr Carol Alexander
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Peter and Heather Jackson
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Explore Partnership

We are so humbled that you are considering being a part of the family. With that in mind, here at Eden we are different. We are going for revival. As such love, honour and unity are paramount. So we protect our God given culture and that means Eden isn't for everyone. There are so many churches in Malvern and we are focussed on those who don't yet know Jesus. So if you're called to be part of the family and get involved or simply need restoration for a season before getting involved then this could work. No matter your issues, if you are willing to grow and be teachable Eden will be one of the best experiences of your life. If you are still interested in partnership and being part of our family then read on!

Explore Course

This course has 7 sessions, all of which must be completed. Why such a long process? Well, because Church family is hugely important. This is God's bride and this is a huge part of all of our lives. Some people come and it just doesn't work for them after a few months. So rather than build friendships and then disagree or dislike the church after that period, causing disunity, we find it is best to let new people know everything about Eden so that they can discern straight away whether or not this is the family for them. Think of this like a courtship, we're getting to know if this works or not. A couple who court and decide not to get married still had a successful courtship because that was the point. 


We also find that by doing the course with the Senior Leadership team it helps you understand the heart of our leaders, stopping the satan from getting a foothold later on, because as we grow, leadership connection to individuals is understandably limited for no other reason than simple logistics. With all that in mind these are the seven sessions you will partake in if you want to explore belonging and getting involved in Eden.

1. Introduction; Getting to Know You and The Purpose of Partnership

2. Vision; Why We Exist

3. Culture; Who We are

4. Strategy; What We Do and Why

5. Leadership Structure and Personnel

6. Beliefs, Expectations and Leaving Well

7. One on One Prayer and Discussion to Discern if this is the Church for you.

Once you feel, and we feel, that this is the right family for you to belong to, we pray you in at the front of church and you sign up to an Equip group (our small group system for Bible studies and pastoral support which happens twice a month), an Embrace group (our outreach program which happens at least once a month), and happy days, welcome home! Next stop, revival!

What to Expect for Kids 9:45am Gathering


9:40am - 9:45am; You and your children will be warmly greeted by a steward with a face shield and encouraged to take your booked seats straight away.


9:45am; The speaker will welcome you and pray. Then they will share an inspirational fun talk from behind a screen to equip the kids. Toilets are open for emergencies, the hall steward will let you know if they are free.


9:55am; The speaker will pray. Then there will be some intimate music as we encourage the kids to journal and soak in God's presence.


10:05am; The speaker will pray to close and you will all be given a glass of hot chocolate and a biscuit in the cordoned off area of the car park or to take home (weather dependent!)

Have an ace week

10:15am; We'd ask you to kindly make your way home to allow us to clean and create a staggered time for the next gathering.

What to Expect for 10:30am and 11:30am Gathering


10:25am/11:25am; You will be warmly greeted by a steward with a face shield and encouraged to take your booked seats straight away.


10:30am/11:30am; The Speaker will welcome you and pray. Then they will share an inspirational talk from behind a screen to equip us.


10:55am/11:55am; The speaker will pray and lead us through a time of creative worship. That may involve prayer soaking, art, or some intimate praise via a live singer behind a screen. 


11:10am/12:10pm; The speaker will pray to close and you will all be given a plastic cup of coffee or tea with a biscuit in the cordoned off area of the car park or to take home, weather dependent (!)

Have an ace week

11:20am/12:30pm; We'd ask you to kindly make your way home to allow us to clean and clear our building for all our clients due in during the week.

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