Our Cultural Values

We are Meticulous  about Designing Everything to be Simple

Family is our top priority. If there is one thing that can make a difference in this world it is doing church family well. We may fall out one day, but the next we are back around the dinner table. We stick together. We can disagree but we don't disunite. We support, love and care for one another as a body. This isn't just the pastoral leaders job, it's for all of us. We don't wear masks or ask people to pretend to be okay. We are real, honest and loving. As with any healthy family, we have healthy boundaries. We aren't responsible for your life, your kids, your ministry or for having you over for dinner, but we will support you and one another in those things because we are devoted to support you and each other through thick and thin, always. 

Church is complicated, so we work really hard to design everything to make it simple. Meticulously so. You will find our communication and methods easy to follow and engage with. Most churches try to be all things to all people. We don't do that. We are passionate about being an excellent equipping centre for followers of Jesus, but everything we do is designed to focus on the 1 who isn't here, rather than the 99 who are. We don't overcomplicate meetings, leadership roles, or make it hard to get involved. We have clarity and alignment around our vision, culture and strategy so it is simple to followers of Jesus and pre followers of Jesus to know how to grow and move forward in their journey with Jesus and with us.

When God created the world He declared it good.  As such, we want to give God our best. We want everything we do here, be it an event, a meeting, preaching, media or pastoral care to be outstanding. We want those things to be so irresistible that people who experienced them talk about it to their friends and have to come back. We also want people to feel we are irresistible. We are aware people flocked to Jesus but flee from His church. We are different. We don't believe in negativity or playing the victim. Obviously there's a time and a place for being honest about where things and we are at, that's another matter entirely. We can't control what issues life throws at us, but we can control how we choose to react to them. We want our attitudes and our facility to be irresistible.

We are dedicated to raising leaders and without being weird about it, we are good at it. We are intentional about growing a people who can influence their world and bring transformation to their worlds for God's glory. We believe this world needs fathering and mothering (mothership has awkward connotations, we aren't sexist). We need to show people how to parent well. We aren't here to be all things to all people but to reach the young families. These generations up to 44 years of age are longing for fathering and mothering and grand-parenting in their lives. We may be designed to reach that age group 0-44's, but to achieve that we need the older generation to help mentor and disciple them to become all they are called to be.


The reason we distinctly mention wise leaders is because in our experience Church needs to be better at being smart with people; not just having intellectual intelligence but emotional intelligence. We want to raise a people that can represent Jesus well to the people around them. Secure in themselves and God, and able to influence those around them. Being good with people was a huge part of Jesus' life and it needs to be in ours too, after all it isn't money that makes the world go round, it is relationships.

We are fanatical about being seeing healings, miracles, salvations and eventually even the dead raised. We are believing for a move of God in our area and nation that has accompanying phenomenal signs and wonders. We are called to be a church who sees miracles regularly. Seeing people set free from physical, emotional and even financial restraints that prevent them from fulfilling their destinies God created them to do. As long as they desire to do so, we will always ensure two things;

1) We will relentlessly pray for the sick, either until they are healed or go to be with the Lord.

2) We can't promise everyone is healed or delivered but we can ensure that they are loved.

We've found that churches are often weird or mystical when it comes to the supernatural. We don't see that modelled by Jesus. We've come to learn that the more people dress up the prophetic or healing ministry the less God is in it. God wants an unweird, authentic people through which to do the miraculous. And when it's Him, Him and His acts speak for themselves, we don't need to over-spiritualise or add drama to them. Anything that puts attention on us, rather than God is something we steer clear of. Ultimately we are normal with our fanaticism in seeing God's kingdom manifest.


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