Eden Church Community COVID - 19 Agreement 9th July 2020


We are committed to ensuring the irresistible nature of gathering together as a family church at Eden as much as we are able. As such, to attend our gatherings we need you to agree to adhere to our detailed health and safety plans. By making a booking by church suite or through the website you are agreeing to keep people safe emotionally and physically through adhering to the following health and safety protocols. Thank you.


This is not about controlling people but protecting them. We are no more keen on these guidelines than you will be. However, if we are to honour the government and love our neighbours and one another, right now this is the best way to do that.

This won’t be forever, and we will return to our normal worship and hugging at Eden as soon as it is safe to do so.

We have drawn this up as an SLT and we have done so in consultation with three partners.

1) Personal Well Being

a) The government are now requiring that masks are worn, if you need one let us know and we will give you one.

b) Please go to the toilet at home before you come to Church, to minimise the need to use the church’s limited WC’s and maybe don’t drink copious amounts of tea just before you leave...

c) Where possible bring your own hand sanitiser in case you need it. (However there is several hand sanitiser machines positioned throughout the Eden Centre). You must use the sanitiser machines provided on entering and before exiting the building.

d) Do not come to any gatherings or groups if you have a new continuous cough, sneeze, a high temperature or a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell and you should self-isolate at home immediately with other members of your household who must also stay at home.

e) If you happen to cough or sneeze whilst in the building, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or the crook of your sleeved arm (not your hands) if you don’t have a tissue, and throw the tissue away hygienically immediately afterwards. Then wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and water or hand sanitiser if hand washing facilities are not available.

d) Do not touch anybody else's property other than your own. You can bring your own Bibles and small items and bags but these must be kept on your person or under your chairs at all times and removed with you when you leave the facility.

2) All Gatherings

a) Pre-Gathering

i) Do not move chairs around or change them.

You can request to be seated in a specific part of the auditorium if you have specific needs, i.e. near to the WC’s or exits etc, simply let a steward know or message us in advance.

b) Gathering

i) We are not able to maintain two metre distancing to allow walking around the auditorium so please use common sense when visiting the toilets and when entering and leaving the facility and avoid casing traffic jams or blockages by stopping to chat with folks so that we can ensure we keep everyone safe. Please by all means wave and smile like you have never smiled before however! We will close the meeting in prayer and ask you to leave in one row or grouping at a time to avoid queueing inside the auditorium.

ii) Entering

Please take your seats as soon as possible without going up to people. You must stay in your designated spots. However, please wave enthusiastically to one another whilst keeping a safe two metre distance from folk as you travel to and from your seats :-).

iii) Leaving

Once the meeting has finished please leave in an orderly fashion through the open fire exit door and do not clog up the path to the side of the building as you leave.

You can speak to people as you socially distance in the car parks but please be courteous to those who may not feel comfortable doing so just yet.

iv) Worship

When worshipping in your own way or speaking in tongues please do so at a normal speaking level. Please note NO individual or corporate singing is allowed i.e. We can soak or reflect and silently participate when the worship leader is singing but we can’t vocally join in ( and as such we won’t be screening the words).

Please refrain from sharing a ‘word’ you feel is from God, without a mic you would have to raise your voice above appropriate levels. Should you feel you have something we are working out a way that we can display the text number of the host for the day on the screen so they can be connected to you and share it on your behalf should they deem it appropriate to do so in the Holy Spirit.

v) Giving

Please give online or if you need to give cash or cheques do so in an envelope and leave in the box by the exit door.

vi) Kids/Youth

We are providing a Kids gathering at 9:45am however, if you would like to bring children to the other gatherings you are most welcome, however, you must book them in and they must remain with you at all times whilst in the premises and must be escorted and supervised when using the toilet facilities.

vii) Creche

The creche will only be available for those who have been permitted, this will be for two people who have children under 7 months old only and will be based on pre booking. A live visual/audio feed is supplied in this room.

viii) Refreshments

Unfortunately we will begin without serving refreshments. Although we are currently exploring safe ways to achieve this.

As such, the water machine is turned off and the kitchen is out of bounds.

You are however welcome to bring water or needed medicine into the facility but food and other drinks are not permitted and no refreshments are able to be served.

ix) Ventilation

We will be keeping all doors and windows open to increase ventilation. Please do not shut doors or windows. If you are cold please wear an extra jumper or coat. If you are too hot, please don’t take off all of your clothes...

d) Car Park

To ensure a safe car park we ask that people from the same household arrive together. If they are close enough to walk and are able to do so please do this.


e) Objects

All objects that are usually available to be handled by the public such as books, creche toys etc have been removed and must not be brought back out.


f) Toilets

One person only in the males as well as a child and one person only in the females as well as a child are allowed at one time in the respective toilets.


A screen is in place in this hallway for your safety and you must only go to the toilets when directed that they are free by the steward. Please do not go to the toilet or check them for occupancy on your own accord.

g) Areas not in use

Please note the kitchen, cleaners cupboard, store rooms, creche, foyer cafe/seating and upstairs areas are all ‘out of bounds’ during this period and no-one should enter them unless given specific permission.

h) Notices and Signs

Please take time to read the varying notices positioned around the building which contain further specific Covid-19 requirements in relation to hand washing, sanitiser machines, social distancing, and Covid symptoms etc and more importantly adhere to the guidance given.

i) Ministry

Clearly most of the ministry will be done by those leading the gathering at the front and prayer ministry with the laying on of hands and personal prayer or private support and counselling will not be available.

Instead we will be reliant on inviting the Holy Spirit to come and minister.

If however, at the end of the gathering, you would still like prayer and support you are welcome to stay behind and stay seated and the speaker will enable it so you can converse together safely from behind the perspex screens. As usual there will be no communion.

j) Emergencies

Should the fire alarm go off then the leader/speaker will orchestrate us leaving one row/grouping at a time in an orderly fashion. Please be patient, we will evacuate the building in a speedy but safe manner.

Should an individual in the building require support a first aid responder will deal with the situation with a steward so please refrain from helping in such a scenario unless it is absolutely essential.

We know this is a very strange season and that this is a comprehensive list. We ask you to contact us should you have any concerns. However by continuing this booking you and your household are agreeing to honour this agreement.

I agree to honour the above Church behavioural agreements at all times and understand that failure to do so will risk me being unable to attend an Eden gathering in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for your support and understanding during this season, it's been quite the one to lead through and navigate :-).

Love and blessings,

Mike and Vic x