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Raising a Family to Bring Heaven to Earth


We love Malvern, for the last ten years we've been raising a family to bring heaven to it in every area of society. We're believing for a move of God to transform this whole area one life at a time. So whether you are an addict, monk, gay, trans, straight, lonely, depressed, sick, healthy, happy, married, divorced, single, old, young, poor or rich; A great big welcome to you. Know that Father God loves you more than you can possibly fathom and Jesus can set you free from anything. We look forward to meeting you and equipping you more to experience the manifest presence of God as you contemplate joining in God's Eden project here to see revival come to this beautiful part of the world.

May you never be the same again, love and blessings,

Mike and Vic x



The reality is Church has made Jesus boring and irrelevant. The simple truth is that He is more fun than we've ever realised and more relevant than ever. He died to cleanse your soul, and defeated death to give you an eternal relationship with your Father in Heaven, right here, right now. Explore with us how you can enter into this life transforming relationship and find your destiny.


Latest Talks

Be inspired, equipped and encounter Jesus through our revelatory preaching and online gatherings.

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What's on

With lockdown easing and us reopening physically gathering, although things will look different, we're really excited and secure in the events we have planned and it would be great to see you. Booking is essential so get your place today. Our next two sermon series will be World changing and we'd love to have you with us.

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Covid-19 really changes things for churches, but we're actually really excited about the season ahead as we wait on God and experience the weight of His presence without the distractions. It would be ludicrous in this time to go back to how it was when God is doing a new thing. We're embracing it over the next several months and are undertaking a kind of school of ministry here at Eden on Sunday mornings. If you want to be part of what Jesus is doing differently in this time, we'd love you to explore it with us.


10:15am Kids Gathering

We champion our young people, equipping them to know God's love and voice. This is done in an interactive and inclusive way by our DBS and specially trained team.


10:13am; You and your children will be warmly greeted by one of our team and encouraged to take your booked seats straight away.


10:15am; The speaker will welcome you and pray. Then they will share an inspirational and interactive fun talk to equip the kids. 


10:25am; The speaker will pray. The adults will join us and we'll have praise, allowed to sing with masks on!

Followed by an inspirational talk by one of our preachers.


11:45am; The speaker will pray to close and you will all be given the opportunity to have a hot chocolate and a biscuit in the cordoned off area of the car park or to take home (weather dependent!)


10:30am Gathering

Gatherings are back on 5th September. We are reviewing our policies in light of restrictions lifting, but masks and social distancing will still be mandatory for the time being until more about the delta variant research is published.


We aim to create an irresistible environment in which to encounter God. In our preaching and praise we endeavour to honour the flow of the Holy Spirit. You'll receive revelatory preaching and anointed praise to minister to God and receive His love.


10:25am; You will be warmly greeted by one of our team and encouraged to take your booked seats straight away.

Praise and Ministry

10:30am; The MC will welcome you and they'll be a time of praise to encounter God's love.


10:35am; The speaker will pray and explore with us an inspirational message to equip us through the Scriptures. 


11am; The speaker will pray to close and you will all gave the chance to have a ready made hot drink in the cordoned off area of the car park or to take home, weather dependent (!)

Have an ace week

11:30/11:45am; If the weathers good, refreshments will be served outside :-)