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Welcome Home


Welcome to Eden Church in Malvern

On behalf of us all, may I extend the biggest welcome to you;

Whether you are in the darkest time of your life or the brightest. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a follower of Jesus or an agnostic who accidentally got to our site. Whether you are an addict or a monk. Whether you are gay, trans, straight, lonely, depressed, sick, healthy, happy, sad, old, young, poor or rich. A great big welcome to you. Whatever your need, know that Father God loves you more than you can possibly fathom and Jesus can set you free from anything.


We assume by accessing our site that you are either interested in being part of a church in Malvern or in finding spiritual truth and knowing more about Jesus. To help you, know that here at Eden we believe in the intimate presence of God bringing an unprecedented transformation to our town and nation. We are fun, lively and work hard at being great for families. Enjoy browsing, blessya tonnes, Mike and Victoria.




We are a charismatic family church of all ages. Under the new Leadership of Mike Dibbens, we repurposed the church in 2010. God's been so good to us; We have grown and become a very healthy family and even built our new home, the Eden centre, which opened in 2015. However, all those things are excellent and we praise God for them, but if our new facility and growth doesn't facilitate our vision and we as a people don't live out our God given purpose, all that will have been largely pointless. We have never been healthier than we are right now so it's a great time for you to belong to this fresh and innovative work where you can be fully known and loved and where you will be equipped and be empowered to make a difference.


For revival to come and stay, we need to be a place of both Word and Spirit; a home that is organised to be organic. After all, the more you practice, the easier it is to be spontaneous and free, responding to God. Therefore we are passionate about giving God our best and being a healthy family and transformative organisation. Our God given plan is thorough but simple. In short it is a process of discipleship; We Embrace our Community, Equip Our Committed and Empower our Core.


Our God given vision is revival; Raising a family to bring Heaven to Earth. In the 11th Century, Malvern was created as a Christian community. God has called us to bring that original mandate into fruition. Therefore, we are Heaven-bent on transforming Malvern with God's supernatural love.

To reach the people no one else is reaching, we have to do things no one else is doing. Therefore, although God's asked us to be focussed and designed to reach the least reached people in Malvern; young families. In order to achieve that we need all ages to be wise parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents to partner with us to disciple and invest in them.


Our God given Culture is how we need to behave in order to help see revival come about. We haven't included obvious or basic things which every church should have ingrained within their dna, like integrity, being Bible believing and having a passion for Jesus for example. No, our cultural values are idiosyncratic and individual to us. They define us and we make every decision with them in mind. We live and die and hire and fire by these guiding values of Eden. It's safe to say;

We're OBSESSED with Creating a Healthy Church Through Our 5 Values;


We are Meticulous  about Designing Everything to be Simple


What's On


I'm New

What to Expect
Kids Church


Below you will find our teams and personnel. However, it's vital to note the whole family gets to play. Everyone is important. Below is some of our crazy beautiful family!


For anyone new looking at Eden as a possible spiritual home, we run an Explore group. You can sign up on a Sunday or by emailing us.

In the meantime, we encourage you to attend any socials, getting to know folk over the next few months and ask as many questions as you like. Anyone with a badge will always be able to help you, and you can always email, facebook, tweet or phone our staff with any queries.


This group is run by our leaders and we are very transparent. No questions are out of bounds and we intentionally run through all things Eden with you so you can decide if you want to become a partner, getting involved.


Upon deciding to become a partner, you will be warmly welcomed by being prayed in to the family on a Sunday morning and join one of each of our small groups, Equip (inreach), and Embrace (outreach).

0-3's; We have an unmanned creche off the coffee area with a live feed to the auditorium. If your child is being loud and needs some calm they are welcome to stay in the cafe area where there is also a live feed to the gathering.

3-5's & 6-10's; Upon arrival please let yourself and child known to the welcome team who will take you upstairs to meet the kids leader, show you the facility and inform you of what the morning entails.

All kids need to be signed in by their guardian and signed out when you collect them at 12:15pm

All our staff and volunteers hold an enhanced DBS.

If you have any concerns, complaints or recommendations, please let the Kids Leader know, or alternatively, please speak with a badge holder who will ensure your enquiries are treated confidentially and followed up by leadership.

Our kids program follows the same program as the adults, but in a relevant format for them. Subsequently we have two groups in their own modern settings upstairs to facilitate raising a passionate, powerful, pure and presence based generation.

10:30am; A warm welcome awaits you. Our connect team are available to show you around.

10:35am; Our gathering starts. Passionate praise for 30 Minutes. Modern songs and style with our live band. All words are on the screen for you.

11am; Prayer. Kids to Kids Church

11:10; Talk. One of our Inspiring Speakers will bring a Modern, Relevant and Challenging talk.

11:40am; Prayer ministry is available by the speaker or the team with badges.

11:40am; Coffee, tea, biscuits & fellowship in the cafe area until 12:30pm

Should you wish to know more about Eden, our connect team and a welcome booklet are available. If you'd like to give us your details we would love to connect with you in the week to help you settle and answer any queries.

If you are visiting we are superbly located next door to the Premier Inn and the Malvern Spa Hotel, with walking distance to the retail park.

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